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How to Use Open Source Intelligence in Investigations

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Every investigator needs the skills and knowledge to use OSINT competently in investigations. As online information continues to multiply in volume and complexity, the tools required to find, sift through, authenticate and preserve that information become more and more important for investigators. Failure to master these tools to tap into the rich resources of the web can hamper your investigations.

Learn the intricacies of online investigating from an expert in the field. Join Sandra Stibbards, owner and president of Camelot Investigations and a financial fraud investigator, for training on How to Use OSINT in Investigations.

In this video, you will learn:

  • How to find information on the hidden web
  • How to find publicly available information in government and private databases
  • Dos and don’ts for searching social media effectively
  • Tips for remaining anonymous while researching investigation subjects
  • Accessing archived information
  • How criminals hide, and how to find them

Sandra Stibbards, owner and president of Camelot Investigations since its inception in 1996, is regarded as a leading online investigations expert whose clients include Fortune 500 companies and international corporations over five continents. She specializes in financial fraud investigations, competitive intelligence, counterintelligence, vulnerability assessments, IP/counterfeiting investigations, internet threat investigations and pre-investment and due diligence investigations.