Open Source Intelligence Training™ - Syllabus and Featured Topics

The 2 days will provide an education and information you will not be able to acquire anywhere else. The class is completely interactive keeping you busy every moment and enjoying the activities. Learn to direct your searches to obtain results quickly!

Brief Description of the Open Source Intelligence Training Course

Previously only available to federal agencies and employees, our Open Source Intelligence Training™ classes are now open to a wide range of professionals, including:

  • Licensed private investigators
  • Active & retired law enforcement
  • Attorneys & paralegals
  • Background screening agencies
  • Security specialists and teams
  • Forensics examiners
  • Sales and marketing professionals
  • Financial industry professionals
  • Intelligence analysts and information specialists
  • Manufacturing industries
  • Human resources directors
  • Office managers
  • And others…

The OSINT training course provides extensive information relating to surface and deep web searching along with advanced online search techniques & strategies. Trainees will exposed to a wide array of web based informational sources and systems:

  • Online privacy / anonymity tools
  • Counterintelligence techniques used by the criminal elements
  • On line database systems
  • Archiving methodologies and tools and methods for obtaining archived pages & hidden information
  • Advance search methods for blogs and social networks
  • Geolocation methods
  • Image recognition technology
  • Optimizing transfer of large files
  • Best ways to use screen shot capabilities
  • Analyzing, organizing, and preparing of written reports

Lists of search engines, blogs, forums, social networks, etc., along with search tools that maximize your ability to explore these sites, will be provided throughout the training. You will never conduct an investigation in the same way as you did before you attend this class.

Course Outline

  • Privacy and Proxies – Protect Yourself First
  • Approaches to Searching
    • Basic Search Techniques
    • Advanced Search Techniques
  • Deep Web Part 1 – People Searches
  • Deep Web Part 2 – Public Records
  • Pay Databases – Best systems to utilize, Cost Efficient Approaches, Pros and Cons
  • Deep Web Part 3 – Social Networks, Blogs, Forums and Social Media Search Tips
  • Ways to Utilize Social Media in Your Investigations
  • International Search Engines and Tools
  • Specialized Sites
    • Real Time News
    • Business Sites
    • Publication Access
    • Other Open Sources
  • Tools and Downloads
  • Organize, Analyze, Summarize & Report – Report Your Results Easily in a Formal Report
  • Smartphone Apps and Security

Past attendees have come from a wide array of federal agencies, defense contractors and other industries including:

  • US Secret Service
  • Federal Trade Commission
  • DHS Explosive Ordinance Disposal
  • DHS Transportation Security Administration
  • Social Security Administration
  • Department of Defense
  • NIRA (Immigration Customs Enforcement)
  • Department of Commerce
  • Sheriff and Police Departments
  • Aerospace Companies working with DOD
  • International investigations and security corporations
  • Financial institutions
  • Pharmaceutical industry

This class offers something for everyone involved in the investigations profession as well as any other type of business, large and small. Please feel free to contact Sandra for further details about this class.

Register today as space will be limited for this event. All attendees will need to bring their personal laptop with wireless capabilities. It is recommended that you bring your own air card or hot spot to access the internet. However, wireless internet will be available for those who need it. Please do not bring government issued equipment.

Things to Know:
The class will begin each morning promptly at 8:30 am and be completed at 4:30 pm. Check-in will begin by 8:00 am. There will be short breaks throughout the day as well as a lunch break.

To register, please fill out the online registration form. Credit Cards and Company Checks will be accepted. An additional $30 will be charged if you prefer to pay the day of the training.

If an attendee cancels their registration to one of my classes, the entire amount paid will be applied to an upcoming event of the same kind.

Registrations may only be transferred to another individual with prior consent by Ms. Stibbards or the event organizers.

Discounts are available for active law enforcement officers and organizations sending multiple attendees. A 10% discount will be given to members of professional organizations (inquire to determine which organizations qualify). Group rates are also available. Contact Sandra Stibbards for details and inquiries.